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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 13, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> there are some lower down. we are on such a steep head wall, the area we are searching. we want to find the climbers so crevasses won't form in that area. >> we are going to keep following the story to let you know if there are further breaks in the weather. two missing hiker who is are well-equipped and well-expeensed. they are in their 20s. history made in houston as the city elects its first openly gay mayor. parker won with 56.3% of the vote. i spoke with her and asked her if she felt attacks by religious and anti-gay groups influenced voters. >> it had an impact. it came late in the campaign and pulled what had been strong
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polling numbers down in the final vote. but, houston clearly said they weren't interested. i think this will blunt that kind of attack in the future and i look forward to assuming office in a couple weeks and being the best mayor i can be for houston in addition to being the first lesbian mayor in houston. >> houston is the first city to openly elect a gay mayor. woods caddy has been by his side for ten years. he's not devuating. he's defending woods saying everyone makes mistakes. john yang is in the studio with more. good morning. >> steve williams has been tiger's caddy since 1999. he's tiger's closest advisor on
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the golf course and off the course, he's defending his boss. >> i don't have anything to do with what tiger does off the course. tiger is human. we all make mistakes. tiger is human. we all make mistakes and he made one. >> meanwhile, lots more talk in the wake of tiger's announcement he's taking an indefinite leave from golf. corporate sponsors and pga executives. golf viewership is so big, it has its own name. it's the tiger effect. he is not only the world's most famous athlete, but the moat bankable. the decision will have the most immediate decision on the pga. it has 33 tournaments scheduled for network television, including nbc sports and another ten on the golf channel. some experts are speculating the
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biggest concerns belong to the pga itself. ratings for the tournaments tiger missed in 2008 while recovering from knee surgery was down 47%. they are not saying they are worried. they said they fully support tiger's decision and look forward to his return when he determines the time is right for him. now, it's so important to the pga because tiger's popularity allowed them to negotiate deals and raise prize money. it's raised from $65 million in 1996 when woods joined the tour to $275 million this year. speaking of multimillion dollar deals, tiger is the first billion dollar athlete. his deals with sponsors are valued at $110 million a year. the sponsors reactions to the scandal have been mixed. nike, a big sponsor, standing by
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woods. so is ea sports, they produce his video games. accenture dropped tiger. at&t is evaluating the relationship with woods. gillette is looking at it. that's the first major sponsor to distance itself from woods. >> i know tiger has been quiet. nobody has seen him for a couple weeks. he did an interview in new zealand. what's that about? >> it was done last month with sky tv. they are going to air it tuesday. now, it goes by quick. take a listen. we have the promoe for this. you have to listen carefully. let's take a look at it now. >> i interviewed tiger woods at the masters. it's the last interview he did before his life blew up in his face. >> family first and golf second?
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always been like that? >> always. >> the question was, family first, golf second and tiger says always. alex. >> it's going to be an interesting interview. thank you very much. busted. a mascot caught in a prostitution ring. he and seven other men and women were arrested at several rhode island hotels. they used craig's list in the sting. they have audio and video tape to prove their cases. president obama says he's frustrated with wall street fat cats paying out bonuses while taking money from the president. the president will meet with the ceos of 12 u.s. banks. mike viqueira joins us now. good morning, mike. >> good morning, alex. >> what's expected to go down? >> reporter: they are going to job own them. three things are going on. the financial reform.
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it's passed the house of representatives, did so with a republican vote. people are fighting tooth and nail against it. the president is upset the bonuses coming back to wall street. meanwhile, main street not getting the money they need to start their businesses up and hire people. more importantly, the president is going to ask the banks to start lending to small businesses as opposed to the larger businesses to whom credit is flowing. here is what he said in an interview. i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street. they are still puzzled why people are mad at the banks. you are drawing down $10 million $20 million bonuses and you caused the problem. this morning, on "meet the press," christina roamer had this to say about the recovery and what's going to happen in the coming months in the ec
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economy. >> there's a fundmental disconnect. the american people had to take extraordinary actions to back up wall street. it was the right thing to do because we are all linked to that. now, wall street is doing better and main street is still suffering. so, you know, that's why the president is going to have the bankers in tomorrow. we are going to talk about a lot of things. >> he's going to say you are part of the problem here. >> he's also going to say you are part of the solution. >> reporter: democrats at the white house and down the street at the capital are concerned about the lingering 10% unemployment rate. yes, they are making progress. fewer people are out of work. they expect it to turn around come spring. a lot of people who quit looking for jobs are going to reenter the labor force. it's going to keep the unemployment rate higher. >> the guy can do task. i saw you checking the news bulletin on your blackberry.
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i saw you talking and looking. >> reporter: i can do it all. >> we thank you for doing it every time with us. watch "meet the press" at 2:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, a double shot of morning joe. joe biden is going to meet with joe. stay tuned for that tuesday. still ahead, gone without a trace. a utah man comes home from a camping trip and finds his wife missing. the search amid home. let's find out what people think
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we have developing news for you now. an update on the search for two missing hikers on mt. hood in
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oregon has been called off today because of the threat of avalanche. we are getting this word from portland. we are going to get more on the weather conditions. let's go to alex wallace live at the weather channel. what is the latest there. >> you know, it's looking better around the mt. hood area now. we generally have partly sunny skies at this time. it would have been a good time to get out and do some searching. as you mention ed, avalanche issues could cause a problem. there are issues that will be coming on before long here. precipitation forecast showing what we'll be dealing with over the next couple days across portions of the northwest. not so much today, but as we head through time, monday, and as we get to tuesday, the colors are getting darker and brighter. it's the next series of systems coming in. it will add more rain and snow across portions of the mt. hood area.
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it's something we'll have to watch out for as we head into those areas. as we zoom out, pretty much across the west, we have a storm system and can head to the source. the storm system bringing snow showers across the mountains west. as we head farther east, we have issues here as well. rain across the south. that moisture is heading northward to a chilly air mass. we have icing issues across portions of pennsylvania. we have pictures from the pittsburgh, pennsylvania area where we have been talking about icy roads. traffic snarled. several counties across the area dealing with icy roads and accidents there including allegheny county, where pittsburgh is located. .1 inch of ice reported. it's going to cause problems on the roadways, keeping it slick. it may cause small branches to
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come down. we have to watch for that here. there's no need to rush out there. if you can avoid being out there on the roadways, that's recomme recommended. a lot of pink on the map is where we have icy concerns. pittsburgh, we are seeing it change to mostly rain. >> i tell you, it's one thing to see it on the map, when you put the roadway shots out there, good grief. what a mess. the back ups. good advise, be careful. thanks, alex wallace. look at the traffic jam. that's a mess. log on to for more. tiger woods making it official. the game of golf will have to go on without him. the biggest and most bankful star. the pga saying quote, we fully support tiger's decision. we look forward to his return to the pga tour when he determines the time is right for him. "saturday night live" thinks they are worried about sponsors dropping out now that woods has.
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>> i think the pga tour will be fine without tiger woods. ♪ it's the eye of the tiger look, i was to thank our sponsors, the erie pennsylvania chamber of commerce, the letter q and seltzer. >> again, the sesame street letter q. jeremy, a reporter with advertising age. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> put perspective on this. i know "snl" is making fun of it. the pga has to be a little concerned about this. to what degree? >> enormously concerned in terms of dollars an cents in ratings. tiger woods is the biggest draw they have ever had. tournaments he doesn't play in gets eyeballs. >> let's talk ability about the
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sponsors. you have nike and ea sports saying they are sticking with him. note, they are sports companies. you have at&t, gillett oh, saying we're not so sure. do you see a difference there? the crossover brands might not be as inclined to stick with him. >> he is the foundation of nike's golf business. there's not much question there. as long as he's the greatest golfer in the world and not doing anything criminal, they will stick with him. their statements have been s supportive. when you look at g irkts llette, at&t, it's different. in gillette's case, they are synonymous with him. they are going to take a break, too, and see which way the wind blows. i think they would like to stay with tiger. >> as far as advertisers are
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concerned, how much tuz dell vision rating, do television ratings translate into advertising dollars. is it more than television news business because you have a whole world out there with regard to golf. you have manufactures of sports. does it make that much of a difference? >> it does. the reason why all the brands want to be involved in sports, they are looking for eyeballs. we live in a time where there's tivo, media is fragmenting constantly. sports is one of the things where it's hard to skip it on your dvr. people who watch are focused on it. it's valuable to advertisers. there's only so many ways to reach that many people. tiger woods is a big draw. our look at the numbers on the pre-and post scandal rati s
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ratings. pre-scandal 19% positive, post, 59% nelgtive. >> i think you will see some. i think you have has, like at&t said they are re-evaluating now. gillette has taken a step back and they will take a little of a break to see which way the wind blows. i think, though, as long as tiger is the greatest golfer in the world, there's going to be people that continue to use him. they were supporting him because he was a great golfer. it hasn't changed despite the personal issues. $110 million a year in sponsorships. are those days over? >> probably. i think, even the deals he keeps, you'll see sponsors re-negotiating with him. he was sort of a saint. he was a flawless endorser. he was, you know, no personal
11:19 am
issues at all. he was by far the biggest name in the sport. now, you know, there's some, you know, black marks on the resume. we'll, i'm sure see the dollar figures come down. it may be awhile unless new sponsors, i think the people in are in for better or worse. i don't think he's going to have a lot of appeal to someone who hasn't previously sponsored him. >> there's a lot of other people to choose. >> thank you for joining us from advertising age. the tiger saga spawning tiger whack a mole and this game where the player controls the car as it speeds away from its wife. we have the most popular spoofs and send offs, tacky as they may be. an chevy. ♪ more best buys, more best buys, nobody has more.♪ not toyota. not honda. not anyone.
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zhu zhu pets were harmful to kids. this week, we learned it's not the case. they are safe. what should parents look for. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> so, let's talk about all the safety laws that went into place last year. toy manufactures have to do what to comply with all of them? >> the law that passed last year lowers the allowable level of led in toys to zero, which is lower than before. so, the manufactures have to test and make sure the toys they are importing are safe, led-free and don't contain the plastic. >> okay. all good stuff they should be doing. what about with regard to the information out there. you have the consumer product safety commission. they list recalled toys. what do consumers find there?
11:24 am
>> if you go to their sight, a lot of toys are being recall ed because of led and safety problems. because there's a new law doesn't mean the toys you are buying this christmas is late. go to the cpsc website, there are toys with big problems. one is toys that are brightly pai painted. they often contain led. the other is the cheap costume jewelry for kids. very often, that's made with led. >> or they can get lodged. with the zhu zhu's, they had reportedly toxins, it's been cleared up. this is the hottest toy of the season. >> consumer group tested the zhu zhu's in a store with x-ray scanning and said there's a
11:25 am
metal in it that was used with a fire retardant. the tool was not accurate. the zhu zhu's are okay. think twice and be careful when looking for toys for your kids for christmas. >> one thing you suggested is to buy from big retailers, why is that? >> the big retailers, they do their own testing and ride closely the people they are buying from. some of the smaller stores and if you are buying secondhand or yard sales, you don't get the extra level of testing and scrutiny. given that the toy situation is still influx right now, you would be playing it safe to go with the big retailers. >> okay. u.s. thank you very much. >> great talking to you. >> thank you. stay with us, our long awaited list of number ones is coming up.
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here are the fast five headlines. the search for two hikers on mt. hood has been suspended because of the threat of an avalanche. rescuers recovered the body of a third climber yesterday. history in houston becoming the largest city in america to elect an openly gay mayor. we'll speak with her live in one-half hour. is senate reconvenes to cast a final vote on a spending vote of more than $1 trillion. it's expected to pass and pass on to president obama for his signature. police in denmark released the 1,000 arrested in the climate conference protest. sarah palin's "going rogue" book
11:30 am
tour is going to alaska. it's the first book signing in her state. we spoke to annisse parker. we want to clear that up. the father of a missing woman says too much emphasis is on her husband. they are not calling him a suspect. his wife hasn't been seen since he took their two young children camping early in the morning last monday in the desert. his brother-in-law says speculation of him is disappointing. >> i think it's destructive and dangerous to ha's going on. >> we have the reporter for the salt lake city tribune. welcome back. anything coming from the police about the investigation? >> reporter: no, i got off the phone with them and no new information yet. >> what about susan's family. what are they saying? >> they are saying let's not
11:31 am
discount possibilities here. josh gave his story, we should see what else is out there. make sure all possibilities are explored. >> what about the community? there's been a huge effort there. over all, the reaction, is it one of disbelief? >> you know, i think a lot of people are concerned and they are worried. yeah, a little bit shock thad something like this could happen in their community. there's so little information out there, i think. that's a lot of the confusion and shock and disbelief. how could six days go by and so little known about what's happened to susan. >> right. what is the last word about the family? i mean she disappeared, but where was her husband? where were her kids? why didn't anybody see her? >> reporter: that's one of the big questions out there. he said he took them camping after midnight. went to an area in the west
11:32 am
desert in utah. very cold area, a little bit remote, desolate out there. i think it's what he said and he said he told her father. i talked to her father yesterday. he told her father he last saw her when she was going to bed, about 12:30. >> hmmm. okay. thank you very much. reporting what we know so far. >> reporter: thank you. >> okay. slow going in pittsburgh. a sheet of ice, up to a quarter inch thick is on the roadways. it has traffic backed up. reports of car accidents, as you can imagine. dozens of families are returning to their hillside homes, rain produced dangerous mud slide that is threatened 44 homes. the latest storm produced snow for the third time in less than a week in northern nevada. it made skiers in the tahoe area
11:33 am
happy. amanda knox is speaking out eight days of her murder conviction in italy. she told the associated press she's scared, but hopeful. the student was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of her british roommate. she maintains she's innocent. the senate will convene at 1:30 p.m. eastern time to cast a vote on a spending bill. it combines six individual spending bills, more than 5,000 pet projects to benefit individual states. republicans say it calls for too much spending at a time the deficit is growing. dick durbin says it will restore money cut during the bush presidency. i'm joined by amy, associate editor and columnist. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> there's a lot here. medicare, medicaid, gm,
11:34 am
chrysler, guantanamo bay. why are they lumped together? >> the democrats want you to know there's veteran's benefits. there were pass and committee on a bipartisan basis. alex, this is a woeful situation the taxpayers won't want to hear about. all the different agencies. they always blow past the october 1 deadline. they lump a bunch of them together into a must pass bill. if it doesn't get out the door, the government will shut down. they stick thing in there that are controversial. both republicans and democrats are threatening to vote against. in it, the leadership would like to raise the debt ceiling. funding the pentagon and the defense spending that passes, no problem, every republican votes for it. we are looking at mutiny by republicans and democrats as well. this is because this is a
11:35 am
process of jamming everything in to one bill. it's true, the republican argument is that the bills are increasing spending by 10%. they are making the argument on not only on process, but on substance. this is a time we can't afford to spend that much money. >> okay. let's get to the issue of unemployment. on "meet the press," david gregory sad down with christina roamer. she asked when unemployment will fall below 10%. >> most private forecasters are telling us gdp is going to continue to grow. most of them are talking positive job growth in the first quarter. what happens is gdp grows, unemployment grows, then the employment rate goes up. >> does it get worse before it gets better? >> i would anticipate bumps in
11:36 am
the road. >> how do you interpret that? >> i think this is a recession that's different from the other ones we have been through. job growth in the first quarter sounds optimistic to me. i really, i think the administration should brace for dips back upward in unemployment before they can count on a positive projectry for job growth. they were telling us in february, that unemployment would go past 8% and if we passed it, it would not hit 10%. of course, it did. i don't think they can predict. they struggle, every time they are asked the question. they liked the numbers they say last month. 11,000 jobs shed is different than a year ago.
11:37 am
>> it is. >> the trend lines are good. i don't think they can tell us when we will see a reversal. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. still ahead, developments in the search for missing hikers on mt. hood. also coming up, the pop culture outgrowth of the tiger woods saga. he's a singing sensation making it big on the net. ever worn your clothes in the shower? if you're using other moisturizing body washes,
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11:41 am
reason, alex, is because of avalanche concerns. what they were hoping to do was to get at least 30 volunteers up on the mountain as they usually do in cases like this and fan out to find the two missing hikers. however, what's happened is there's concern because of snow overnight, there's a danger of avalanche. the plan is to call in the national guard, the national guard locally here to use the helicopter to do an aerial search. that's the plan at this point. we want to remind the viewers who may not have been following the story, the searchers recovered the body of luke, from des moines, washington. the missing climbers are a 24-year-old of longview washington and 29-year-old katie nolan of portland. they are experienced climbers. they took off friday morning at
11:42 am
1:30 in the morning, which is not unusual for climbers. they had a text message they sent back a half hour later. that's the last people have heard. it's when a friend got concerned and called authorities and they sent a search. they recovered the body of luke. the plan is to get the helicopter up and do an area sear search. two days have gone by now with freezing cold temperatures. windchills below zero. you can imagine, time is of the essence in order to find the two missing climbers, but they have not given up. >> earlier, i talked to steve rollins, he said they had a pretty good idea where the hikers would be because of where they discovered the body of the one climber, meaning there had been a fall. they were looking straight upwards from there. is that still the case or is there clue they have moved
11:43 am
around? >> reporter: i think that's probably the case. that's where the body was recovered. it's about the 9,000 foot level. the hope is that perhaps they were able to make a snow cave last night and hopefully, they will be able to at least, with an aerial search be able to find the climbers. it's on the west side of the mountain at about 9,000 feet up. >> joe, you and your videoographer, thank you so much. it looks cold and treacherous, that's for sure. >> it is. >> thanks, joe. today, new questions about how much the tiger woods scandal is going to cost him financially when it comes to his image. his first admission he's been unfaithful. woods acknowledging he doesn't know if it's possible to repair the damage he's done. joining me now, karen hunter as well as jeff gardere.
11:44 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> a quick yes, no. do you think the image is beyond repair? >> no. >> no. >> we agree. >> that's the only thing we'll agree on. let's agree on that. >> we'll agree to disagree. jeff, in today's washington post, there's an article the tiger woods scandal is a tale of sex and sexism. >> what do you say to that? >> absolutely true. i think it's more complex than that. i think because of the thrill-seeking of tiger, he's put everything on the line with the self-destructive behavior. >> i think thrill-seeking when you think of the guys heading up the mountain.
11:45 am
>> he's put his family life on the line. the things he was doing at some point, he was going to get busted. and he did. i think he knew that going in. >> i don't think -- >> very, very perfect impanlg that he knew he had to carry. no one is that stupid to think at some point you might get busted. >> karen, there's jaime jungers. she says she and tiger were together the night his father died. let's take a listen to what she said. >> he flew me in and we were -- got a phone call from his mother. his father wasn't doing very well. he left for a couple hours to go see him. came home later on that night. we made love. went to bed, then around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, there was a phone call that his father passed away. >> i'm going to take issue with
11:46 am
the phrase, we made love. i think it was something else. that's just me. with tiger, his family and this situation, the night his father dies. >> i want to talk about these women and what it means in a culture that we are parading them out giving them face time. why is she on television? it use d to be blight on your character to be a woman sleeping with a married man. they have no shame. >> right. >> woman after woman after woman. you know he was married. we have seen the pictures. >> they say, i thought about it, then moved past it. >> i'm mad because he cheated on me with someone else. hello, you are breaking up a marriage. what the heck is going on. >> was there really a disconnect if he's making love to this woman? this is part of my theory, it's mar than a guy fill landering.
11:47 am
he's got serious emotional issues. the stress is overwhelming. it becomes a release valve for him. >> he's been told no his entire life and he feels he can do anything he wants. >> he's self-medicating because of the stress. >> you are going too deep into the sigh kolg. >> i happen to be a psychologist. >> why wouldn't he turn to his wife? his father. his beloved father dies and he goes to this chick? >> it speaks to the marriage. men cheat for various reasons. sometimes they want to be with other women. other times, it's because there are issues in their marriage. i'm not victimizing the victim here, as far as elin. it appears to me from everything i have been hearing it may have been a loveless marriage. he got involved when he wasn't ready emotionally and war.
11:48 am
we have an economy that's not fixed. we have a health care bill yet. >> we're analyzing why is he cheating. >> one of my friends said, i can't believe he lied to us. it's because he lied to us. >> i understand, i'm a journalist, too. there are times i've gone ape you know what over talking about jon & kate plus 8. i think it's ridiculous the amount of time we spend on it. that said, people are fascinated by the story. you cannot take that away. >> it says more about us than it does about tiger woods. he's not an anomaly. charles barkley, michael phelps, we can go down the list. we're putting too much energy into people -- >> he's not an anomaly. but, in fact, this is a strtrag story, tragic tale. >> tragic for who? >> guess what, we're part of the
11:49 am
media. we're out here talking about it. >> i'm going to let that be the last word, because we are talking about it. thank you. it is time now for first and mother most. it's a quick edition of today's number one. a new study shoes arlington texas has the cleanest tap water in the land. the worst, pensacola, florida. yikes. ♪ >> all right. this youngster has become an international internet sensation. it's a cover of the jason mraz song "i'm yours." total viewers more than 3 million in just a week. a million of those coming just yesterday. it might be the best thing for ukelalee since tiny tim. we'll be right back. so how long does it take a fresh vegetable
11:50 am
to start losing essential nutrients? not long. in fact, green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. that's why green giant freezes them within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. ho ho ho green giant
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the tiger woods scandal is getting the creative juices flowing for game designers. this honline game is called trash tiger. players launch a miniature tiger into a garbage can. >> tonight's mistress is a 27-year-old cocktail waitress from san diego. not particularly attractive woman. i'd say the main thing tiger likes about her is that she's not his wife. >> okay. this one is just terribly tacky. but it's hilarious. this is tom o'neill, everyone. from "in touch weekly." this trash talking tiger, it's a game. there's a whack a mole that gets you a chance to get your aggression out. what is this all about? >> it's the complete reversal of tiger's image. he's gone from hero worship to a subject of ridicule. some are genuine lly hilarious.
11:54 am
the one in the hotel room where they use all the golf metaphors, it's outrageous. >> what about the one where you can be tiger driving away from your wife. >> that's elin behind trying to hit him. >> then he's trying to dodge golf trophies. >> babies. >> fire hydrants. trees. i mean -- >> this is very, very clever. >> it is very, very clever. do you think we're going to see a lot more of this? >> yeah. i think it's ripe for ridicule and farce. we're seeing some real genius here. >> do you know any tricks of the trade to make a video like this go viral? any things you've got to have included? >> it actually has to do with how you tag things on a video on youtube. the words important. it's about coding. >> we're out of time. it's a wrap of our live msnbc
11:55 am
sunday coverage. i'm alex witt. see you in about 30 minutes with more news updates. have a great sunday, everyone. sia. but mom knows there's puffs plus... ...with the magic of three. soothing lotion with a touch of shea butter, aloe and e. plain tissue can irritate the sore nose issue. puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus indeed. and try puffs plus with the comforting scent of vicks.  and trannouncer: trying to puffsbe good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium,
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tonight, chris hansen goes after a different kind of predator. the kind who wants your money. >> i literally wiped out savings accounts. >> it's one of the biggest internet scams in the world. >> it's everywhere at this point. >> it starts with an e-mail from someone begging for help and promising a huge reward. they've cheated americans out of tens of millions. now there's another sucker in their sights. >> except this one is chris hansen. >> am i going to be meeting with you in london or somebody else? >> traveling the world to track down the crooks, playing nice or playing hardball. >> get it together and stop jerking me around. >> setting up stings with a room full of hidden cameras.
11:59 am
>> half hour away. >> winning their confidence. >> we have to be careful. >> because we don't want to end up with this all over the television. >> then lowering the boom. >> i work for a show called "dateline nbc" and you've just been caught. >> chris hansen smokes them out. "to catch a con man." cunning and elusive, those internet con artists can soak you for a fortune, then vanish. thanks for joining us. i'm stone phillips. >> i'm ann curry. it's a scam that won't go away. those e-mails arriving from exotic places pleading for help and promising millions. americans keep biting and losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year to these crooks. trouble is, they're not easy to catch. >> but in a hidden camera investigation chris hansen takes on a different kind of predator to beat these cons at their own game. >> ever get an e-mail like this -- >> my name is mrs. maryam ibrahim. i am suffering from long-time cancer of the breast.


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